Superman Cookie Tutorial with a KopyKake Projector

Posted on January 29th, 2012 in Cookies

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Because my first Superman Cookie tutorial was such a popular post I decided to further explain how I did the cookie so that everyone has a better understanding. I also have a little surprise that I can’t wait to share with you! But for now let’s get started.

Bake and cool your cookies.


Find a Superman logo on the Internet, once you find the image make sure that you resize it to the size of the cookie that you are using.


Once you have resized your image you can insert it into the Kopykake projector flap. Always remember to insert your image upside down.


Close the Kopykake projector flap and turn on the Kopykake projector, align the image onto your cookie.


I started tracing the outside part of the image. I used a PME tip # 1.5

Then I traced the inside part of the image.


I waited about 15 – 20 minutes and then I flooded my cookie with yellow royal icing.


Then I flooded the remaining part with red royal icing.


Here is the finished Superman Cookie.


At the beginning of the post I told you that I had a surprise for everyone, well I will soon be posting a second Superman tutorial for anyone that doesn’t have a KopyKake projector!


Thank you for stopping by & stay sweet!


One Response to “Superman Cookie Tutorial with a KopyKake Projector”

  1. WHAAAAAAT? I have never seen this “projector” before! SO jealous! SOOOO Smart! Thanks for sharing :)

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